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I stole the keys to the skies

Geek Librarian
15 July 1963

I'm a 40-something "Geek Librarian". In June 2005 I receieved my MLIS degree after two years in the distance program at the University of Washington. Previously, I was a jack-of-all-trades in high-tech: I dabbled in firmware, user interface design, Unix adminstration, web application development and even project management. Currently, I'm working with an organization where I help various public libraries throughout the state with their technology projects. It's my dream job, combining technology and librarianship so I'm thrilled to be doing it.

I married this guy from Sweden (named Peter), hence my interest in all things Swedish. And yes, we more or less met over the internet and yes, more or less because of U2 :-) He's a geek too, currently working on various web applications both for money and on his own time ;-)

I like to spend my time crocheting, gardening, making-art, reading, and watching far too much TV. Learning to knit is next on the list :)

(The weather where we're at)
Portland, OR
(The weather where he's from)
Stockholm, Sweden
(The weather where my sister lives)
Brisbane, QLD